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Our Mission Statement

Trinity Memorial is a warm and welcoming multicultural, liturgical-sacramental family, called to proclaim the Gospel and love of Christ, and committed to using our diverse gifts and resources for the building up and renewal of the Church as God reveals, and for strengthening one another. To this end, our Mission is the confident celebration of our faith, embracing all persons as we grow spiritually closer in God together, dedicated to serve Christ through uplifting and joyful worship and thanksgiving, witness, prayer,learning, fellowship, and compassionate ministry to the needs of others within the Church family and the community.

The Lord's Prayer, from Trinity's Lenten Bible Study, 2011

Our Heavenly Father,
Your name is Holy - pure, spotless, without sin.
We pray that your plan for the world will come into being.
That your people will be perfected by doing your will.
Provide our needs day by day.
Forgive the sins we have committed by thought, word and deed.
Forgive us for the way we treat our neighbour - our dishonesty and our judgment.
Teach us to work out our differences and help us to forgive one another.
Keep us close to you.
Lead us down your path.
Free us from all sinful actions.
All creation belongs to you, O God.
We praise you and all you do for us - today, tomorrow, and for all eternity.

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